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31 July 2021 2 She is going to kill her child - she has some sort of rare mental disorder...14 views today
31 July 2021 3 August 2021 - boat sinks - this will e a major event, I think this is why the boat is going to sink...4 views today
31 July 2021 4 Donald Trump's death on December 24th was natural not from the Russian heart attack drug - this is the same date are numerous past dreams,..4 views today
31 July 2021 1 Kevin Mahoney missing man located - he did not know this man was coming - why did she keep calling him - Rx drug was in her name? numbers - golf club..3 views today
30 July 2021 6 If You Take Off Your Shoes Without Untying Them, You Have A Specific Form Of Add That Causing Hyper Emoti...6 views today
30 July 2021 5 The Remains Of Madeleine Mccann Located 150 Yards Ease On The Beach Of Light, Praia Da Luz Portugal - Th...3 views today
30 July 2021 3 This Is For You In August Of 2021 Pay Attention To The Number Seven And How Many Times It Will Show Up -...6 views today
30 July 2021 4 Baby Emma And Gabriel Paris Orange Glow Numbers - Baby Emma and Gabriel - Paris - orange glow - numbers....4 views today
30 July 2021 2 Eggs? New Covid E? Kills One In Three Infected People By November 16Th? - Eggs? new covid E? kills one in...3 views today
30 July 2021 1 Nauka Malfunction On Panel 4E? Was No Accident And ? Knew It Would Cause The Death Of All Iss Crewmembers...4 views today
29 July 2021 4 This Man Will Be In The News For The Killing On August ? 2021 Numbers Do Not Know His Name Yet - This ma...3 views today
29 July 2021 5 Aug? July 31 5206823035 Judges 14:7 9 Brian Jesus Is Real For Me I Think - Aug? July 31 5206823035 Judg...3 views today
29 July 2021 3 Map Dousing For Matt Thoke Is Included No Fight This Was Planned Goto Bearclaw High Numbers Bottle Alread...5 views today
29 July 2021 1 Anxiety Stop The Thoughts All Anxiety Is Just Conspiracy Theories Running In A Loop In Your Head - Anxie...3 views today
29 July 2021 2 Can You Feel It? Do You Have A Feeling That Your Loved One Has Been Replaced By A Stranger? - Can you fee...6 views today
28 July 2021 3 Michael Vaughan Missing Boy From Fruitland Found In The Same Place He Went On July 3Rd Rso Canal 4 Rso By...20 views today
28 July 2021 2 Fire, Exit - Fire, EXIT...3 views today
28 July 2021 2 Monday, August 2Nd, 2021 - Monday, August 2nd, 2021...3 views today
27 July 2021 4 Philip Kreycik Found Safe Police Have The Rx He Is Outside The Hotel Now Hit His Head Not Sure Keep Repea...5 views today
27 July 2021 2 Do You Feel Like Your Life Is Becoming Scripted? Notice The Days Are Getting Shorter Notice That There Ar...5 views today
27 July 2021 1 Stop Setting Milestones And Goals Be Lazy Until You'Re Not Happiness Is All That Matters In Life - ...5 views today
27 July 2021 3 A Wild Sheep Chase No Clue - A wild sheep chase no clue....3 views today
26 July 2021 6 Philip Kreycik Found Safe? She Did This She Saw Him In 2020 At Maguire Peaks Loop Trail 925 828 9006 - P...5 views today
26 July 2021 1 Nobody Cares Not Sure Why I Wrote That This Morning - Nobody cares - not sure why I wrote that this morn...3 views today
26 July 2021 3 He Is Going To Do It He Warned Them - He is going to do it - he warned them....3 views today
26 July 2021 2 Central Park Mega Concert Cancel It Now He Is Waiting - Central Park Mega Concert - cancel it now - he i...3 views today
26 July 2021 4 Mary, Mary Joshua Is In Danger Wait 45 Seconds Before Going On August? - Mary, Mary Joshua is in danger -...3 views today
25 July 2021 5 Expect The Next Earthquake On Friday, July 30Th This Year - Expect the next earthquake on Friday, July 3...3 views today
25 July 2021 6 Numbers, This Was Another Alien Nightmare - Numbers, this was another alien nightmare....3 views today
25 July 2021 7 This Is The Bus Driver Of The Fatal Crash That Will Affect So Many People - This is the bus driver of th...7 views today
25 July 2021 8 La Quake On July 28Th - LA quake on July 28th....2 views today
25 July 2021 1 Winning Lottery Numbers For The France Loto On December 18Th, 2021 - Winning lottery numbers for the Fra...4 views today
25 July 2021 4 Winning Lottery Numbers For The Usa Megamillions Lottery On December 24H, 2021 - Winning lottery numbers...7 views today
25 July 2021 2 Winning Lottery Numbers For The Euromillions Lottery On December 21St, 2021 - Winning lottery numbers fo...6 views today
25 July 2021 3 Winning Lottery Numbers For The Canada 6/49 Lottery On December 24H, 2021 - Winning lottery numbers for ...5 views today
24 July 2021 1 I Was In A Car As A Passenger, The Driver Slowly Drove Off This Mountainside, I Jump Out Before The Vehic...2 views today
23 July 2021 1 July 30Th Shooting This Is Why He Did It Church Of? Numbers - July 30th shooting - this is why he did it...2 views today
23 July 2021 2 - July 30th shooting, this is why he did it, numbers - church of ? numbers....2 views today
22 July 2021 2 - Your keys are still there....2 views today
22 July 2021 1 - 6 days - hits here - breaking news....2 views today
22 July 2021 3 - Sarm Heslop located - Ryan Bane arrested is not directly related to her - he forced her to do it and sh...4 views today
21 July 2021 7 Explosion Starts Here The People Who Made Zyklon B Jesus Is Real +49 1575 4173580 Love More Numbers - ex...5 views today
21 July 2021 8 This Guy Is Going To Do Something Next Month August Of 2021 I Do Not Know What Yet - This guy is going t...2 views today
21 July 2021 6 Numbers Three Or Four Seems To Be Almost The Same Numbers As Another Dream From This Month - numbers th...6 views today
21 July 2021 5 Sarm Heslop Located Ryan Bane Arrested Is Not Directly Related To Her He Forced Her To Do It And She Refu...2 views today
21 July 2021 4 Philip Kreycik Missing Man Is Here White Truck Hedd She Did This Not Running 9252490620 Dustin Home - Ph...3 views today
21 July 2021 3 They Return To The Sky 972 2 6273314 - they return to the sky 972 2 6273314...2 views today
21 July 2021 1 Shannen Doherty, Why? Too Soon Numbers An Unexpected Trip To Sf Keep Writing It Down - Shannen Doherty,...3 views today
21 July 2021 2 Not Sure - not sure...3 views today
20 July 2021 4 Wayne Lee Farrell Missing Man Located Near The White River Not What They Think This Is The Other Man - W...2 views today
20 July 2021 3 Stocks Picks - Stocks picks (lucid dream)...3 views today
20 July 2021 2 Usa Numbers 50% Chance These Are Winning Lottery Numbers.. - USA - numbers - 50% chance these are winning...5 views today
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